Book clubs are small groups that meet regularly to talk about various types of texts.

If you are considering setting up a book club (for teens, young adults or adults), go to the Helbling Readers Blog and check out the Book Club section. You will find a collection of materials that will help you with the management of book clubs, as well as series of posts dedicated to them.

Download free resources:

  • Book Club Starter Kit: reading timer, Book Club schedule, role cards, personality quiz, book selection worksheets.
  • Book Club and Reading Games
  • Literary Quizzes

Why start a Book Club?

A book club is the place where students can choose what they would like to read and they do not have to worry about finding the right answer to comprehension questions. Here students can read stories within their comfortable reading level and practise storytelling in speaking.

Why should you consider setting up a book club for YAN fans?

If your students enjoy reading Young Adult Novels, they will also enjoy talking about them. Set up a student-driven Book Club for YAN readers. If your school curriculum gives you space, you can fit it into your classroom lessons. You can also try afternoon Book Clubs, which can be even more fun and give you and your students the sensation of belonging to a community.

When your students are already at a level where they can comfortably read YANs, they need a lot of vocabulary, reading and speaking practice. Book clubs provide the perfect scenario for this.