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Love Lessons

Level 1

WILSON, Jacqueline
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Wilsonís heroines are not run-of-the mill stock characters, but determined and slightly weird, and they often find themselves in trouble but somehow manage to extricate themselves. Because, after all, life has to go on. In many of her books, Wilson elegantly combines humour and personal tragedy, and this novel is no exception. It is expertly illustrated by Nick Sharratt.


  • WINNER Guardian Children's Fiction Prize 2000 (for The Illustrated Mum)
  • WINNER Nestlť Smarties Book Prize 1995 (for Double Act)


  • The Hetty Feather Series (Doubleday 2009ff.) the adventures of Hetty who was abandoned by her mother.
  • The Tracy Beaker Series (Doubleday 1991ff.) the adventures of naughty Tracy.
  • SPARKS, Beatrice: Treacherous Love: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager (Avon 2000) Jenny falls in love with substitute maths teacher.
  • Dustbin Baby (2008) April's life began in a dustbin; based on Wilson's novel.
  • Girls in Love (2003-2005) TV series, based on Wilson's successful books.
  • The World of Jacqueline Wilson (2008) filmed while she was children's laureate.
  • HELLER, ZoŽ: Notes on a Scandal (Viking 2003)
  • ROTH, Philip: The Dying Animal (Jonathan Cape 2001)

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