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Wolf Brother

Level 1

PAVER, Michelle
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Wolf Brother is the first of six books that not only offer a fast-paced and thrilling tale about the fight between good and evil, but create a highly plausible world with a complex set of rules that might well have worked 6,000 years ago.


  • WINNER Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize (for Ghost Hunter, the sixth book of The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series)


  • Fever Hill (Bantam 2004)
  • Spirit Walker (Orion Children’s 2012)
  • Dark Matter (Orion 2011)
  • The Shadow Catcher (ISIS 2013)
  • Ghost Hunter (Orion Children’s 2009)
  • Oath Breaker (Orion Children’s 2008)
  • Outcast (Orion Children’s 2007)
  • Soul Eater (Orion Children’s 2006)
  • The Serpent’s Tooth (Bantam 2005)
  • A Place In the Hills
  • Without Charity (Chivers Press 2011)
  • COLLINS, Suzanne: The Hunger Games-Trilogy (Scholastic 2008ff.) the districts of Panem have to send representatives to the mortal combat of the annual Hunger Games.
  • DiCAMILLO, Kate: The Tale of Despereaux (Candlewick Press 2003) the fairy tale of a special mouse, called Desperaux Tilling
  • GAIMANN, Neil: The Graveyard Book (Bloomsbury 2008) Bod lives in a graveyard and is being raised by ghosts