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OLIVER, Lauren
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This is a fast-paced dystopian tale with an interesting concept, and Oliver knows how to keep up the suspense, making you yearn for the next book in the trilogy. Lena has a powerful voice which develops as the book progresses.


  • WINNER Many awards, including one of Amazon's Top Ten Teen Kindle books 2011


  • The Running Man (1987) Loosely based on the novel by Stephen King.
  • ATWOOD, Margaret: The Handmaidís Tale (McClelland and Stewart 1985)
  • ATWOOD, Margaret: The Year of the Flood (Bloomsbury 2009)
  • CARD, Orson Scott: Enderís Game Series (Tor 1985ff.)
  • HARRISION, Harry: Make Room! Make Room! (Doubleday 1966)