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The Graveyard Book

Level 1

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Read this book to discover the power of friendship and courage, and to enjoy the way the writer describes living in a graveyard!


  • WINNER Newbery Medal 2009 (for The Graveyard Book)
  • WINNER Carnegie Medal 2010 (for The Graveyard Book)


  • AVI: The Seer of Shadows (HarperCollins 2008)
  • KLISE, Kate: Dying to Meet You (43 Old Cemetery Road, Book One) (Harcourt 2009)
  • PINKWATER, Daniel: The Yggyssey: How Iggy Wondered What Happened to All the Ghosts, Found Out Where They Went, and Went There (HMH 2009)
  • STINE, R. L. (ed.): Fear (Collins 2000)
  • STINE, R. L. (ed.): Ghost Beach (Scholastic 1994)
  • Ghost (1990) A man's love enables him to return to earth as a ghost.
  • Ghost Busters (1984) Three unemployed professors set up shop as ghost hunters.
  • The Haunting (1963) A man is investigating Hill House which is reported to be haunted.
  • BEAGLE, Peter S. A Fine and Private Place (Viking 1960)
  • DICKENS, Charles: A Christmas Carol (Chapman&Hall 1843)
  • JACKSON, Shirley: The Haunting of Hill House (Penguin 1959)

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