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Artemis Fowl

Level 1

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Colferís series is entertaining, full of wacky ideas and strange and hilarious characters. It has been compared to the Harry Potter seriesóbut itís also a mixture of FantŰmas, ArsŤne Lupin, James Bond, Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones.


  • WINNER Young Reader's Choice Award 2004
  • SHORTLISTED Withbread Children's Book of the Year Award


  • BLACK, Holly: The Modern Fairie Tales (Simon&Schuster 2002ff)
  • THOMPSON, Kate: The New Policeman Trilogy (Bodley Head 2005ff) Young musician JJ enters Tir na n'Og, the Land of Fairie.
  • Sleuth (1967; remake 2007) man invites his wife's lover to play games.
  • The Harry Potter films (2001-2011) Eight films chronicling the adventures of Harry Potter.

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